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Inventional User Experience

Navigating a web page shouldn’t require previous experience or referencing a user manual. At the Studios, we practice improving upon conventional UX, by providing support for the universal user. We strive for simplicity and we always keep a tab on the innocent intuition.

Happy Epic Pi Day

Today March 14th, 2015 at 926 hours and 53 seconds local-time, an epic moment marks the transition of an epic cycle. #piDay2015 is #epicPIday.

PI = 03.141592653

We wonder what cycle this marks. The epic one.

Epic Pi Day this March 14th

​This PI day, #piDay2015 is #epicPIday.

PI = 03.14.15 @926 hours and 53 seconds specifically.

We wonder what cycle this marks. The epic one.

Take the TYPO out of Typegraphy

Typos happen. All teh time. Dessert islands owe their entire existence on a typo

Adding Flash without using Flash

As part of our next campaign at the studios, we plan to bring the flash back to interactive websites. Only the best of the best:

  1. live percentage preloaders
  2. viewport-height based designs
  3. occasional pixel fonts (8pt)

Back in the day, website interfaces were crafted using Macormedia/Adobe’s Flash plugin.


  1. Graphical User Interface (GUI)

    1. Responsive Web Design
    2. App Design

  2. Digital Media

    1. Brand Identity & Logo Design
    2. Banners & Typography

  3. Print Design

    1. Posters
    2. Brochures & Stationary

  4. Image Manipulation

    1. Photography- Capture/Post-Processing.
    2. Video Production

  5. Animation

    1. Next Generation Webgraphy
    2. Flash (legacy)


  1. Coding

    1. HTML, CSS, Javascript
    2. CMS and Databases
    3. Data Mining
    4. Automation
    5. Accessibility & SEO

  2. Information Technology (IT)

    1. VPN & LAN Services
    2. Hosting
    3. Email
    4. Cyber Security


  1. Website Statistics

    1. Referral Tracking
    2. Visitor Tracking
    3. Server Log Reporting

  2. Search Engine Analysis

    1. Result Rankings
    2. Penalty Assessment
    3. Meta Data Reporting
    4. Web Presence Analysis


  1. Consulting

    1. Technology
    2. Social Media
  2. Leadership

    1. Project Management
    2. Creative Direction


Inside The Studios

2xdvisual as a name, represents the envisions used in the founding of the studios circa 1998.

The first three characters of the name, 2xd stand for the double diamond pair ◆◆. In alpine skiing, the double diamond symbol marks the most challenging and most difficult ski slopes.

◆◆visual Studios specializes in solving the most-challenging digital problems.

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