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The Stacks

Practice a defined routine to make it a habit, e.g:

  1. become aware of your posture
  2. take a deep breath
  3. survey, then improve the area in front of you


The Stacks

Thoughts on Astrophotography

Astronomy photography is potenially the most challenging discipline in the photography realm. Precisly countering the earth's rotation is both an art and science! Post processing (including stacking) can correct alignment errors, but is very technical in itself! Stay tuned to see heavenly astrophotographs!

Progress Bar Magic!

A sweet image-loading-progress-bar is up and running- check it out in the Photography section!

Summer @ the Studios

​Work goes on at the studios this summer, in preparation for sectional updates and improved code. Stay tuned!

Best of the E38 BMW

​This month, ◇◇ will be featuring the very best of my BMW E38 collection included within the photography section. Enjoy

Img-Loading Progress Bar

​One of the useful features of the legacy Flash Plugin, was the ease in which a live progress-bar pre-loader could be setup to inform the user when to expect content. Now days this feature can be achieved via javascript. Implementation of one for the photography gallery is in the works.

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The Smoothest Animations

​On a quest for the smoothest 3D transforms on the web, we evaluate the HTML elements and their corresponding graphics to simplify and strengthen them for fluidity even on older, slower computers. Let’s see how smooth they can be smile

Inventional User Experience

Navigating a web page shouldn’t require previous experience or referencing a user manual. At the Studios, we practice improving upon conventional UX, by providing support for the universal user. We strive for simplicity and we always keep a tab on the innocent intuition.

Happy Epic Pi Day

Today March 14th, 2015 at 926 hours and 53 seconds local-time, an epic moment marks the transition of an epic cycle. #piDay2015 is #epicPIday.

PI = 03.141592653

We wonder what cycle this marks. The epic one.

Take the TYPO out of Typegraphy

Typos happen. All teh time. Dessert islands owe their entire existence on a typo

Adding Flash without using Flash

As part of our next campaign at the studios, we plan to bring the flash back to interactive websites. Only the best of the best:

  1. live percentage preloaders
  2. viewport-height based designs
  3. occasional pixel fonts (8pt)

Back in the day, website interfaces were crafted using Macormedia/Adobe’s Flash plugin.


Inside The Studios

2xdvisual as a name, represents and envisions the founding of the studios circa 1998.

The first three characters of the name, 2xd stand for the double diamond pair ◆◆. In alpine skiing, the double diamond symbol marks the most challenging ski slopes.

◇◇ specializes in solving the most-challenging digital problems and visual quests in graphics and animation.

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Previous Versions of 2xd:

Requires Flash Plugin

  1. V1 circa 1998
  2. V2 Circa 2002 ++ Visit
  3. V3 Circa 2003 ++ Visit
  4. V5 Circa 2006 ++ Visit

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